Paperback Update

Paperback update:

As I’ve mentioned, there’s a much steeper learning curve with this whole Indie Publishing thing than I’d anticipated so I’ve goofed more than once. Since publishing, I’ve found a fair number of formatting errors, a sentence where I unintentionally repeat two words, and a missing period (the most alarming of all grammatical errors). Alongside that, the cover wound up just slightly wonky after going to the printer.

So, I’m re-releasing the paperback which means it won’t be available for sale for about a week. After that point, please let me know if you purchased one of my “I really shouldn’t be trying to do my own formatting at 4:00am” versions of the paperback and if you would like one of the “I do all my best revision after hitting ‘send'” versions. I’ll see about getting you a free one or, at least, one at cost instead of full price.

If you don’t mind and enjoy laughing at the sudden bizarre spacing when I did my paragraph breaks incorrectly, then carry on.


TL;DR: I can hook you up with a cleaner version of the paperback if you want a more professional looking one but the paperbacks won’t be available for sale for about another week.

A Venom Vice book trailer

I’m still deciding where, exactly, I want this embedded in the website but I’m too excited not to show it off. So, here for you, dear subscribers, is the book trailer for A Venom Vice.

“A Venom Vice” Book Launch Party

July 1st is coming in a hurry (that countdown timer on my homepage gives me panic attacks) and it occurred to me that I never officially announced that I’m going to have a super awesome launch party.

Light refreshments will be served in the form of a “craft your own potion” bar (Italian sodas) and cupcakes so good they may very well be made of magic. There will be giveaways at the door including fancy-shmancy bookmarks and adorable little glass potion bottles filled with sour apple Pop Rocks (because those are probably the most magical candy). Upon arrival, you will also receive a raffle ticket for a chance to win any of 8 fabulous prizes (hint: there’s a good chance some books will be involved).

2:00pm — Party start
2:15pm — Book trailer showing and author introduction
2:20pm — Book reading by the author
2:30pm — Q&A
2:35pm — Drawing for raffle prizes
2:45pm — Mingling, munching, and book signing
3:20pm — You all need to go away before the library charges me extra for using the room for too long


The location of the aforementioned party will be the Provo Library:

550 North University Avenue

Provo, UT 84601

Upstairs in the Bullock Room (#309)


Visit my Facebook page if you’d like to RSVP and I hope to see you there.

(Update for those of you who can’t attend, I’ll be doing an online launch party the following weekend. I’m afraid I can only provide virtual snacks for that one, BUT it should still be delightful. Giveaways, amusements, the whole shebang.)

New Launch Date

As you may have noticed, (because I’m sure you all look at my website as obsessively as I do) the book launch timer for A Venom Vice has increased significantly. You may have also noticed that this is indeed the second time the timer has changed.

Well, through a series of unfortunate events no where near as amusing as the ones described by Lemony Snicket, I have decided to push back my launch until July 1, 2017. It started with an Ulcer, a few missed deadlines from my various media specialists (through no fault of their own), and the realization that I did not, in fact, have everything I needed to create a hardcover version. Then I proceeded to lose my voice (making recording an audiobook somewhat more challenging) and developed a sinus infection. At the gentle insistence of my husband (who doesn’t want me to die before we get me a better life-insurance policy) I pushed back my deadline the first time. When my bodily conditions failed to improve, my husband then helpfully pointed out that I’d missed the prime launch dates for this season anyway and that I should just take a break from the stress that was trying to murder me and binge-watch some Netflix until I felt better.

I was extremely frustrated at first but have come to accept the logic. The tail end of December through the end of January are generally considered the best time to publish romantic stories, which does apply to A Venom Vice but it isn’t the perfect label by any means. Fantasy stories are best left for summertime launches (“beach reads” they call them) which I feel is a much better category to plop it into. Then, the more I thought about it, the better I felt about a July launch. Not only does that give me enough time to finish up all the bare minimums I was struggling with, but it will also give me a chance to really get this sucker going. I have time to get a hold of book reviewers. I have time to really polish and beautify both the text and the formatting for all the different mediums. I’ll have enough time to record the audiobook properly and without rushing.  I’ll be able to get a bunch of fun pre-launch merch for my long-time fans and to pique the interest of new readers. I’ll be able to get all my social media platforms up and running properly (which was far more complicated and time consuming than I had initially imagined). Heck, if I’m feeling brave and social enough, this even gives me time to arrange a legitimate launch party.

I apologize for making you all wait again but I promise you that the wait will be worth it. With these extra 5 months, I’ll be able to put out a product I can really be proud of.