Paperback update:

As I’ve mentioned, there’s a much steeper learning curve with this whole Indie Publishing thing than I’d anticipated so I’ve goofed more than once. Since publishing, I’ve found a fair number of formatting errors, a sentence where I unintentionally repeat two words, and a missing period (the most alarming of all grammatical errors). Alongside that, the cover wound up just slightly wonky after going to the printer.

So, I’m re-releasing the paperback which means it won’t be available for sale for about a week. After that point, please let me know if you purchased one of my “I really shouldn’t be trying to do my own formatting at 4:00am” versions of the paperback and if you would like one of the “I do all my best revision after hitting ‘send'” versions. I’ll see about getting you a free one or, at least, one at cost instead of full price.

If you don’t mind and enjoy laughing at the sudden bizarre spacing when I did my paragraph breaks incorrectly, then carry on.


TL;DR: I can hook you up with a cleaner version of the paperback if you want a more professional looking one but the paperbacks won’t be available for sale for about another week.